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aximefu March 23, 2012 03:22

Phase change in CFX
Now I want to simulate the phase change and fluid flow in micro heat pipes, and I am puzzled over some concepts.
The surface tension cause pressure difference between water and vapor, and the surface tension difference cause Marangoni effect. In micro heat pipe, as a result of capillary pressure difference, water go back to the evaporator from the condensor in the corners of heat pipes. So what is the capillary pressure difference? and the relationship between the capillary pressure difference and the surface tension? What is the the relationship between the surface tension and wall adhension when contact angle is mentioned? Do the contact angle cause the fluid flow and how?
In a paper, the surface tension is set to be constant, and the water flow was presented, was that right?
Is anyone can explain it to me? Thanks!

aximefu March 24, 2012 01:48

No one can give me some help? I'm looking forward to get the information as soon as possible!

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