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agner583 March 26, 2012 14:10

Simulating Ice Accretion in CFX
I would like advice on how to simulate ice accretion on a flat plate using ANSYS CFX. I need to have water droplets mixed with air to accumulate and freeze on the plate. I know how to insert the droplets into the flow but I don't know how to tell CFX to solidify the droplets when they hit the plate.

I found a paper were they have done this but haven't given any details on how it was done. Please take a look at the paper and see if you can give me advise on what to do. (A multiphase CFX based approach into ice accretion modeling on a cylinder by Fahed Martini, Drishty Ramdenee, Hussein Ibrahim, Adrian Ilinca, 2011 IEEE Electrical Power and Energy Conference)

Thank You.

ghorrocks March 26, 2012 18:05

I do not have time to investigate this for you. This is a complex model and will require quite a bit of development work to get working and accurate. You will need to use several advanced features of CFX to get this working, so develop the physics one section at a time to get all the bits working before combining it all together.

Cluain March 27, 2012 04:31

Ask the guys who wrote the paper, their contact details are there and they should know! And go through the papers references, surely somebody did something similar before they did, if not then nobody has and so the best option would be to ask Ansys directly. But as Glenn said it is a complex model so build it up slowly step by step.

tzehwei February 11, 2014 01:50

Hi agner583, how are things going? I am also interested on calculate ice-accretion problem by using Fluent. Please leave me a message if you have further information for similar issue~ Thank you!

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