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Antanas March 30, 2012 01:52

Selective boundary/interface permeability

I wonder is there any possibilty in CFX to make boundary or domain interface permeable for one fluid and impermeable for other (or for solid particles)?

ghorrocks March 30, 2012 05:01

What type of flow? What type of mixture? Multi-what - phase/component/both/something else?

There will be a way regardless of what type of simulation you are doing.

Antanas April 2, 2012 06:48

Multiphase flow. One fluid, one solid. Fluid flows through boundary, solid doesn't.
It's something like filter.

ghorrocks April 4, 2012 07:50

Not sure, but you might be able to do this with an interface.

Why are you doing this? What physical process is it modelling?

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