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anup March 30, 2012 13:04

water/clay/pipe interaction
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I am doing multiphase simulation in a single domain for fluid(water)/pipe/fluid(clay) interaction. I consider free surface homogeneous model. The pipe has a sinusoidal movement i.e. initially it placed in water and then will move into the clay.
I am getting the following message:
| ****** Notice ****** |
| Evaluation of quantitative CEL functions on mesh regions use |
| conservative values even if the mesh regions coincide with a |
| boundary condition region |


ERROR #002100004 has occurred in subroutine Out_Scales_Flu. |
| Message: |
| The Reynolds number is outside of the range expected based on the |
| Option selected for the TURBULENCE MODEL. Check this setting, |
| the values of the properties, mesh scale, consistency of units |
| and solution values in the input file. Execution will proceed.

The run has finished normally but after post processing I am getting a jagged interface between water and clay all the way around even very initially(at time step zero). Please see the attached file at time step zero.

Can anybody help me for the above, especially the last one (interface mixture), why this happen and what is the theory behind it?

Thanks in advance!

ghorrocks March 31, 2012 07:15

Can you explain what you are modelling and how you are modelling it?

Is the pipe a solid? FSI solid? Prescribed motion?

Is the clay as particles in the water? Does it form beds? What is the clay/water interface you show?

anup April 2, 2012 14:23

clay/water/pipe interaction
Thanks Glenn!
I have a single domain with a hole.This hole represents pipe.As 'flow over a bump' tutorial the domain divided into two fluids (upper is water and lower is clay).From 'flow over a bump' if you find water or air volume fraction in the post processor then you can see a interface between air and water(like my attached one). My question, is this a mixture of two fluids ? if yes, then why and how it is formed very initially(and until final step)?

ghorrocks April 4, 2012 07:36

No file was attached.

anup April 4, 2012 10:04

clay/water/pipe interaction
1 Attachment(s)
Please find the attached one(my one). The pipe is not a solid. Clay forms a bed. Pipe moves with deforming mesh.

ghorrocks April 4, 2012 17:52

How are you modelling the clay forming a bed?

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