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Chander April 7, 2012 22:37

Orthotropic conductivity for solid domain

I have been using orthotropic conductivity for fluid domain in my simulations for some while now. It is a beta feature in Ansys 13 and Ansys 12.1 (the two versions to which I have access) and works fine according to Ansys support. When one forms def file in CFX Pre, CFX Pre physics validation throws out an error saying that the option Orthotropic cartesian components for conductivity is not valid. But nevertheless simulation works fine.

Now I have also included orthotropic conductivity for one of the solid domains. CFX pre shows same error as above for the solid material also which should be OK.

But when I try to select the solid material with orthotropic conductivity for the solid domain, that material does not show up in GUI. I am able to select this material for solid domain via command editor. But then CFX pre shows up a new error whiel forming def file. This new error says that the specified material is not available.
This new error has never been shown while using a liquid material with orthotropic conductivity.

However, inspite of this new error the simulation again seems to run fine.

I just wanted to check if someone else has also come across this and can confirm that , like the older error, this new error is also irrelevant as far as the simulation is concerned.

Thanks for your inputs,

Chander April 13, 2012 04:56

Anyone please?

ghorrocks April 15, 2012 18:01

You should talk to CFX support about this, but I will tell you what they will say: "move the CFX V14".

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