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shaswat April 9, 2012 01:31

Doubt in CFX post results
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Dear friends

Please find the attached picture

I have given the boundary condition as shown below

The fluid flow is Z direction. It is incompressible flow.

inlet- pressure(t)

outlet- mass flow rate (I need to vary the flow rate later my analysis keeping the pressure same as above )

1. How do I measure the average pressure at the inlet over the cycle?

Please clarify my approach:
I have created a plane and found the area average (pressure)@inlet

I found the value is negative . How it is possible? The pressure at the outlet may be negative. Am I right?

I think I made a mistake while calculating the average pressure at the inlet. Please help me and rectify it.

Thank you



yasinbm April 14, 2012 11:22

If the flow direction on the z axis, meaning the negative pressure in the direction of negative z (or 68314.9 pa to the negative z axis).

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