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Bourne April 13, 2012 15:44

CFX-Pre / Turbo Mode Error
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I am having problems with the Turbo-Mode in CFX-Pre.

Background: Using a sector model of a centrifugal compressor impeller with one main blade and one splitter. This is an 18 blade impeller so I am using a 40deg sector of the impeller with periodic BC's

Problem: I use turbo-mode for my set up and set # of passages per mesh & model to 1, with a total of 9 "pie slices" for a full 360deg impeller. I save turbo mode and go back to the general set up to change my turbulence model. At this point I have no errors. I save and go back to workbench, I am running the solver from workbench so I can send a few studies to the RSM queue and run a few things overnight. If I run it immediately everything works fine. The issue is when the next runs starts, as the CFX-pre file gets updated before the solver starts I get the below error messages.

Error Messages: Value of 'Number of Passages in Component' is set to '0' with a minimum setting of '1'.

When I go back into turbo-mode my # of pasages is still set to '1' and as long as I click on each domain (not changing any values) in that screen and save turbo-mode the error seems to disappear until the CFX setup block is updated in workbench.

I can workaround this by running the solver and CFX-pre from the CFX launcher so the issue seems to be with workbench.

Any thoughts on this issue?

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