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MMatt June 4, 2020 06:36

Region dependent combustion
Hello all,

I would like to know if there would be a disadvantage of running the SAGE combustion model only in the cylinder of a gasoline PFI engine. As I understand if the model is non-regigion dependent, it means it will be active in the whole domain. However, if no combustion happens outside the cylinder, will the model also be active?

Basically I want to know if only allowing the combustion model to be active in the cylinder has a negative impact elsewhere.


MFGT June 5, 2020 04:42

Only negative impact would be that if SAGE is not active in exhaust ports, you get different results of emissions.
But if you are not interested in emssions, you can activate SAGE between IGN and EVO in cylinder only to save computaional time.

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