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pradeep.raju May 30, 2021 12:41

Re: Repeated - Error messages
At t = 8.18349e-07 and h = 8.55108e-14, the error test failed repeatedly or with |h| = hmin.
At t = 1.2779e-07 and h = 3.78784e-14, the error test failed repeatedly or with |h| = hmin.

This [CVODES ERROR] has been occurring at regular intervals.

2. WARNING: [ 531] Found a parcel outside the domain. Removing parcel. This WARNING will only be printed once.

3. Elapsed walltime exceeds twrite_restart_max_wct, will write restart files ......

Am running a Diesel engine SOOT model, Sector simulation for my Kirloskar AV1 engine.

usamaubk May 30, 2021 17:46

You dont need to worry about 3 as it is just writing the restart files, because maybe simulation is taking so much time and it writes the restart file just in case.........and 2nd one I am not sure as I also get this kind of warning too maybe you can check nozzle orientation and do validation before simulating, there is a tool in spray modelling where you can check whether all nozzles are inside the domain or not...regarding 1st i have no idea.....

pradeep.raju May 30, 2021 18:11

Thanks Usama. I will look for nozzle orientation for 2.
If you come across 1, comeback here.

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