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trompethans July 7, 2021 06:24

[1550] Error about duplicated species
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Hi everyone,

I try to model heat transfer by radiation in a combustion oven using the Converge CFD software. However, I get an error when I try to solve:

[1550] There are duplicated species in the species list.

When I open the log.out, I see that the problem is about 7 species O2, H2O, CO2, N2, CH4, CO and H2.

- At the moment I have no physical models active, so the error is not due to a physical model.
- Also, when opening Materials\Species, I have species listed only in the Gas-tab, the rest of the tabs don't contain species.
- I checked, but I don't see duplicate elements in there.
- Studio files are attached, so that you can check it out yourself!

I hope some of you can help me fix this error, thanks in advance! :)

Xiao Ren July 7, 2021 18:28


I see there's no combustion in your physical models setup. If so, you can turn off the reaction mechanism to get rid of this error.

trompethans July 8, 2021 07:32

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Thank you! So now I turned off the reaction mechanism and turned on the Radiation Modeling [FVM].

The Final Validation / Validate All don't yield errors anymore, so tried to run it. However, the solver is aborting again and tells me to "correct and try again".

What could be the problem? (files attached again)

Xiao Ren July 8, 2021 18:24

Did you include any redundant items in Please try to remove those unnecessary items.

trompethans July 8, 2021 19:00

I think so. My file just states the following lines:

geometry: idreg
general: [density, pressure, temperature, velocity]
turbulence: [eps, tke, turb_viscosity, yplus]
species_massfrac: [NO2, NO, CH4, O2, N2, CO2, H2O, CO]
passive: NOX

The log.out file ends with:

Errors found in

However, in the case setup in Converge Studio I cannot find a NOX option with is turned on or something like that...

Xiao Ren July 9, 2021 17:42

I think you can try to remove NOx in The NOx is probably listed in

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