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pak_sargon July 27, 2021 00:29

Example case (Load Condition)
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Hi, I want to simulation different loading condition for this engine setup that I get from example case>internal combustion engine>heavy duty engine>full cylinder diesel engine. Under the spray modeling, the total mass of diesel used was set to be 0.0001621kg which equal to 7281.3 J per cycle (I did not change anything from the example case setup). My question is does anyone know what is the loading condition for this case setup? Is it intermediate load? and how can I simulate a higher loading condition? I aware that higher load required more fuel to be supplied for the combustion process... but is there another parameters that I have to consider as well?

crajath July 27, 2021 11:06

Hi Fauzan,

I believe the current load conditions are set up for high load. Since this is a made up engine it is hard to know if this is peak load condition. To simulate different loading conditions, in addition to changing the amount of fuel you will also have to change the amount of air supplied to the cylinder to achieve the desired AFR. You can do this by changing the INFLOW boundary pressure. You also might have to change the temperature boundary conditions for boundaries within the combustion chamber. Make sure you increase the number of parcels injected per nozzle if you increase the mass of fuel injected.

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