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HuifengGong May 4, 2022 09:37

Moving boundaries with deformation
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Hi all,

I'm doing with the deformed boundaries. can anyone tell me how to define them in Converge Studio?

It seems that the moving boundary setting in Converge Studio only accounts for the rigid motion, what can I do if the boundary deforms when moving? For example, a pipe flow where the outlet area is fixed but the inlet area varies (Diameter expands and contracts periodically), and the boundary wall in between changes its conicity accordingly (see attached image). How can I define this kind of moving boundary?

psrikanth June 2, 2022 18:27

Hi Huifeng,

I can think of a couple of options to do this,

1. You could specify user wall motion to achieve this
2. If you are using v3.1, you could use the new surface list feature to define both your surfaces and move between the two of them.

Please contact the support team at (or your existing support contact) with your case setup and someone can look into this. Please use your official email for all correspondence with Convergent Science.


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