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coanda November 14, 2012 18:22

enGrid to OpenFOAM full export issues

First post on here - having some problems understanding what´s going on with enGrids solver+param export.

I am using:

openFOAM 2.1.1
enGrid 1.3.0 Nov 10 2012 build

Macbook Pro
Ubuntu 12.04 LTS

I have made a model in blender (box domain containing a vertical cylinder). I have imported the model into enGrid using the supplied scripts and thatś gone well.

I have created a 2D/3D Mesh, Boundary conditions, Solver conditions etc correctly. However, when I come to export the system using the enGrid Export > openFOAM > openFOAM (Grid + Solver Params), the outputted p and U files contain boundary field definitions are blank for the named slip walls, and data for the inlet and outlet vary between the files.

Is this the way the export is supposed to work??

I can upload the files if necessary.

Any help is gratefully received!



mlotek May 4, 2013 09:31

I had this same problem, but it turns out my cell normals were incorrect.

First off, are your BCs correct?

Second, are both the inside of your farfield domain and the outside of your cylinder the same color (beige)?


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