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ali.ghaemi January 5, 2013 11:46

importing openFoam case
Dear all

whenever I try to import an openFoam case in engrid, I always get an empty box. In all these cases I have already produced the 3d mesh with snappyHexmesh utility. but I can not see it. actually what I see is the outline of the background mesh. can you help me with this problem.

Thanks in advance

wyldckat January 6, 2013 14:55

Greetings Ali,

I know I've seen an answer on the old forum about this... OK, from memory:
  1. When you ran snappyHexMesh, did you use the option "overwrite"? In other words, did you run it like this:

    snappyHexMesh -overwrite
  2. enGrid is only able to import the surfaces/patches of an OpenFOAM mesh.
Best regards,

PS: I've moved your post to a new thread, since the other one was already a bit old and not completely related ;).

ali.ghaemi January 7, 2013 06:24

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Thanks Bruno!
it worked pretty well :)...the only problem is that I can not select the walls separately in order to define the boundary conditions as I could do with the throttle example. can you also help me with this part .
Besides as I am absolutely new in this field I guess thats a good idea if you take a look at this geometry and tell me what you think in general. for example Is it basically possible to simulate it in OpenFoam with snappyHexMesh?

the STL file is attached to this mail.

Best regards

wyldckat January 7, 2013 16:03

Hi Ali,

OK, this STL is too damaged for it to work directly in enGrid. You'll need to clean it up first, by removing the unnecessary triangles from it. You can use either Blender or Meshlab to clean up the geometry.

snappyHexMesh might be able to handle this STL as it is, but I have not checked this for myself. You can find a lot of information on how to use snappyHexMesh here:

As for defining the boundary conditions in enGrid, using a mesh from OpenFOAM: I believe you can do this, as long as you've use the "-overwrite" option in sHM.
For more information on how to use enGrid, read and do all of the tutorials from here:

Good luck!

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