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MHD_18 January 25, 2013 11:42

Mesh Problem
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Dear enGridusers,

I am a newbie with engrid and I have tried to generate a mesh with the command " create prismatic boundary layer " But I encountered a problem with this alert message ' Netgen stopped with the following error: Stop meshing since surface mesh not consistent '

Here is attached the debug file.

Any help would be most welcome !!

Best regards,

ogloth January 28, 2013 07:04


your surface mesh is, indeed, not consistent. Where does this mesh come from? Did you create it with enGrid, or did you import it from somewhere else? A little bit more info would be required to be able to help.


MHD_18 January 28, 2013 10:01

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Hello Olivier,

I have already solved the problem.Infact, there were some missing entities (surfaces) when I exported the geometry from Gmsh to engrid.

Actually, now, I am facing a new problem, after meshing and exporting the geometry to OpenFOAM, I did a quick check with the utility checkMesh and I got 4 errors.
What do you think about my mesh ?

Here is attached the log file 'logMesh' .

Also, I have some questions about engrid cause I am using the 1.4x version and I encountered some bug. Should I use other previous versions ?

Have a nice day,


ogloth January 28, 2013 16:30

Hello Mohamed,

the checkMesh error you are getting are a bit unusual for a pure prism/tet mesh, but it is difficult to tell what is going on without seeing the mesh or geometry. It is important, that you assign different boundary codes to different geometric features in order to keep the feature edges and to get a nice boundary layer mesh. For example, a cube should consist of 6 boundary codes (patches). If you create your surface mesh with enGrid, your are more or less forces to follow this rule, otherwise you end up with "round" edges.

If you discover a bug or problem in 1.4, or the release-1.4 branch on GIT, feel free to post a bug report on GitHUB. The official release is 1.4, but the release-1.4 branch shouldn't be far away from that.


MHD_18 January 29, 2013 07:07

Hello Oliver,

I will try to follow your advice then I will let you know about the results.

Best regards,


MHD_18 February 1, 2013 17:01


Your advice helps me ... now I have a good mesh ( no errors with checkMesh ) by assigning for each patch a code.

I really enjoyed using engrid :) !!


Mohamed HADDAR

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