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mankoff February 12, 2013 14:43

enGrid right tool for surface mesh -> cylinder?
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I have a mesh surface (see attached image). Currently it is MeshLab so I can export this surface as an STL or PLY or etc. I'd like to get this surface into OpenFOAM, and am wondering if enGrid is the right tool for this?

Since OpenFOAM simulates closed systems, I presume I need to add walls and a ceiling to this surface so that it becomes, roughly, a cylinder, and then use that in OpenFOAM. From my research, it looks like enGrid was designed to do this.

But I have never actually used enGrid before and seek advice if this is the correct tool for this job.



wyldckat February 24, 2013 16:54

Greetings Ken,

Several days have gone by since you asked, so I have no clue if you've already have gone forward with any solution.

Either way, to answer your questions:
  • AFAIK, you do need to create a fully closed geometrical object.
  • Keep in mind that enGrid uses said surface as a starting point for generating the surface mesh.
  • On this point I might be wrong, but given that your terrain seems to have so many jagged-like surfaces, it might be a pain to keep track of all of the surface patches. Because, as I wrote above, the surface geometry is used as the surface mesh, which means that if not all triangles are properly tagged, it can then lead to the terrain morph into something it is not, due to the smoothing and meshing operations...
If you do choose to give it a try, I suggest that you first try with a small part of your domain and perform a few tests.

Best regards,

PS: on OpenFOAM's topic, I'll answer on your other thread:

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