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klausb April 4, 2013 11:14

More damper tutorial obstacles...
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now I can set one boundary condition but when I "LMB-click into the 3d view...", I end up with a red box (see attachment).

When I continue to create boundary conditions, only the last one created is stored (I checked it using "view > boundary codes" or "simulation > edit boundary conditions")

How can I get hold of the faces of the damper to set the boundary conditions?

ogloth April 4, 2013 14:38

Are you by any chance using the "select all visible" option. That would sett all visible faces to the same boundary code.

klausb April 5, 2013 09:45

ok, after changing the default value things worked, but...
... I came to the point to create the new volume.

I added vol but can't select "green" in the new column, the available options are "A <<" and ">> B".

I continued with the default setting "A <<" (whatever that means) and created the mesh as described in the tutorial.


ogloth April 5, 2013 12:36

see this thread:

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