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elephantwalker May 1, 2013 13:01

linux issue
When I run engrid in Linux, my graphics window for engrid (the black screen) always covers up the menu's, dialog boxes etc. What's up with that?

I'm running Ubuntu 12.04 lts.



wyldckat May 1, 2013 16:40

Greetings Lawrence,

A few questions:
  1. Does ParaView have the same behaviour, or is it just enGrid?
  2. Did you install the graphics card drivers in Ubuntu?
  3. Are you using Ubuntu inside a virtual machine or in a real/physical machine?
  4. Are you using the default desktop interface that Ubuntu provides?
Best regards,

elephantwalker May 1, 2013 16:48

1. yes! Paraview exhibits the same behavior. arrrrgh!
2. as installed ...did not install new drivers. I will check this.
3. I'm using in a vm (oracle virtualbox).
4. I'm using the default desktop interface the Ubuntu provides.


wyldckat May 1, 2013 17:19

There are two possible/probable problems with the virtual machine:
  1. Try switching to a lighter desktop manager:
  2. Disable the 3D acceleration that the virtualbox can provide:

elephantwalker May 1, 2013 17:22

turning off the 3d did the trick.



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