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sebastian610 May 10, 2013 16:51

Multi-block geometry from blender
Blender seems to be a good tool for creating geometry for CFD before meshing.

Is it possible with Blender to create a geometry that consists of two blocks which share a common face? Either by splitting a volume or by extruding a face of a volume or by glueing two volumes together.

I hope this post is adequately placed in this forum. CFD people probably best understand why I would want such a geometry.

Thanks for your hints.

ogloth May 14, 2013 03:25


yes, this should be very easy. We use this approach to define geometries with multiple volumes (e.g. conjugate heat transfer) which are then meshed with enGrid.

To create such a geometry in Blender is straightforward and I am sure there is more than one viable method. If you know (learn) your way around Blender then it should be clear what needs to be done.

A different question is how you can use the geometry for meshing.


sebastian610 May 14, 2013 13:50

Hello Oliver,

Thanks for your answer. I am used to more CFD-oriented CAD preprocessors like Gambit or ICEM where it is very simple to just split a block, insert vertices, faces etc.. It will take me some time to figure out how to do it in blender.

I appreciate that it is not strictly necessary to have a real multi-block domain since with OpenFOAM one can stitch together sub-meshes. I do, however, like the idea of having a "nice" mesh at internal faces.


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