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derkaiser July 30, 2013 11:00

Meshing with enGrid
Hey Folks,

i'm new to enGrid and started meshing a vaned duct yesterday. At first i imported the stl-file from UG-NX an split it with the p and s command and assigned the surfaces to different boundary codes.
afterwards i set the parameters for the surface mesh and try to compute it but it takes almost a whole day to compute the surface mesh. i tried to set higher values for the mesh resolution to get a coarser mesh but this doesn't seem to work.
my approach wold be to firstly generate a coarse surface mesh and refine it step by step. what am i doing wrong?

by the way, i'm running enGrid on windows 7 64bit with 12GB Ram and a i7 CPU.


edit: I figured out, that my initial stl-file was too fine. now i have a coarser initial triangulation and get a coarser surface mesh but enGrid won't show all parts of the mesh. therefore i tried to export the mesh into cgns and check the mesh with tecplot but that failed because cgns export isn't compiled in my version. so know i'm trying to get the cgns-export working

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