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wyldckat October 6, 2013 10:35

FYI: SwiftSnap now can also export on Blender to enGrid
For those who don't know, SwiftSnap - - is a plug-in for Blender that helps to create "snappyHexMeshDict" files and geometry files for OpenFOAM's snappyHexMesh.

Quoting Kalle, the author of this plug-in, here's the latest news:

Originally Posted by kalle (Post 455230)
Engrid is also a nice mesher. And it's Blender import format is very easy. Therefore I decided to add some lines to SwiftSnap, such that it will output a file called "engrid.begc" in the same directory as snappyHexMeshDict. The lines comes almost entirely from the Blender addon shipped with Engrid.

Hence, you can now export to Engrid from just one Blender mesh object, where the individual patches are tracked in Blender using different materials, rather than having each patch as a separate object in Blender.

This might be handy when you want to give Engrid a try as an alternative to snappyHexMesh. The polyhedral feature seems interesting.


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