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Marv January 21, 2014 03:28

importing blender files didn't work
Hi everyone,
I use openFoam 2.2.2 in combination with enGrid 1.4 an blender 2.62.
The addons for saving blender files as *.begc are allready installed.
Saving a geometrie as *.begc works without any problems. But when I try to import this file in enGrid only a message in the output window appears:

p, li { white-space: pre-wrap; } smallest edge length is 1e+99
secs. for IOOperation: 6
deleting Operation 0x2c62c40

There is no geometrie shown.



pirsquared January 21, 2014 14:02

View geometry
Try pressing "v" and deselecting the top, front, and right faces of your boundary. Engrid only shows you the "front" side of each triangle; the reverse side appears as background color even if there is geometry behind it. The "front" is the direction the normal vector points in blender.

If no geometry appears in the view menu, press "a" in Blender's object mode before exporting. The file size will give you an idea whether or not your blender/engrid export file contains any geometry.


student666 August 30, 2014 05:37

Hi Marv,

did you solve the problem? I have the same on this thread

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