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eric.m.tridas February 10, 2012 23:41

Error Importing Surface Mesh from GMSH to EnGrid
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Hey Foamers,

I've made a surface mesh in GMSH, saving it in the standard *.msh format (version 2.0 ASCII). Its somewhat complex geometry. When I import this mesh into EnGrid many of the elements are missing and there are some other strange triangles that appear "shooting" out of the mesh.

I've attached pictures to show what I mean.

The majority of what is produced with EnGrid is what is contained within the boundaries of the larger model. The simulation is internal flow with some obstacles inside the domain.

If anyone has had any problems like this with GMSH -> EnGrid conversion I would greatly appreciate your feedback. Its a pretty strange issue and seems like it might be a bug in EnGrid but I might just be missing some critical step somewhere.

Thanks in advance.


wyldckat February 11, 2012 10:35

Greetings Eric,

I've had problems with gmsh in the past, but I can't remember if it was only with gmsh or if enGrid failed importing the mesh as well or not.

A few questions:
  • From the pictures, it looks like there is a lot of mesh missing, namely the outer circular shell or is that only the base mesh?
  • Did you properly tag every single surface on the mesh?
There are a few other places where you can look to:
Best regards,

eric.m.tridas February 13, 2012 11:18


Thanks for your reply.

After re-examining my model i realized there were a few missing surfaces that needed to be tagged. After making sure all the surfaces were tagged it imported fine. Thanks again.


VSass August 2, 2013 20:22

Hey Eric and Bruno,

i also have some problems importing .msh to engrid from Gmsh.Here is the case :

I open an .IGES geometry(Farfield and Geometry) with Gmsh and i want to export it to enGrid for further grid manipulation. I just apply the "3D" option in the mesh catalogue in Gmsh, but then, what i get in Engrid doesn't look like my initial geometry. By the way, i don't know how to split the my initial geometry in boundary pathces like "inlet" , "outlet" etc. in Gmsh. If you could give me some advice, i would gratefully admire it.

wyldckat August 17, 2013 09:34

Greetings Vasileios,

Unfortunately my experience with gmsh is very limited, so I'm only able to suggest that you check the official user guide:

Good luck! Best regards,

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