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Gustavo August 18, 2013 19:49

CFD++ vs. Ensight
I have been exporting large CFD++ cases to Ensight and saving the results on a Samba network drive. If I try to open these files on my desktop the main Ensight display crashes (eg. the reference axis collapses and the x, y, z legend get on top of each other, looking like an hourglass).

On the other hand, if I copy the file into my local drive and open, there is no problem. Also, no problem if I open remotely, exporting the display from a Linux machine. Finally, there is no problems if the case is small, few million elements, rather than more than 10 million.

Does anyone face the same problem ? It has been like this at least from Ensight 9, without any changes with v.10. I have once tried the local Ensight support, but they blamed the CFD++ file header format.

Because there are turn arounds to the problem, I have never insisted on finding a solution, but it is annoying and time consuming.

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