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Vietazz September 6, 2013 11:39

can't plot in ensight !
Hi evryone.

Recentry, I've tried to plot the turbulent energy vs the distance (which I defined with the option "pick line location using two points"), after tracing the line and defining it as a variable query. and choose turbulent energy from the list. all I can see is a plotter with only on point :confused:. I have made sur that my line is well defined!. I don't know how to proceed, I followed exactly what is shown in the ensight tutorial presented in the ensight website (here is the link but in vain !!

I will be really gratefull to whoever could help me.


kevincolburn September 7, 2013 09:59

can't plot in EnSight.

I'll try to help here....

Before doing the right click on the line tool to create the query, make sure that you have the domain selected in the Parts Window through which you want to make the query. If you are trying to query through the fluid domain, make sure that your fluid domain part(s) are selected. My guess is that you might have had only the wall part selected, and this thus the query is at the intersection of the line tool and the wall part -- > 1 point.


Vietazz September 9, 2013 04:44

Thanks Kevin for your time!

Actually the part is well selected. I tried to creat a plot with ensight on my own pc, it works perfectly well !!. but when I used it on an other pc, it doesn't work !
always a single point in a plotter, which could move up down when I start simulation!
here is my work

I will be thankful to any help!

Vietazz September 9, 2013 05:25

Resolved !

After many gropping !, I defined my line as a clip, then, go to the clip defined and right clic -> define as a query -> problem solved :D !

kevincolburn September 9, 2013 23:02

Glad you found what worked. Using the Tools (Point, Line, Plane, Box, etc) are also used to create the new clip, and then query against the clip. Note, you can use a "grid" clip, rather than "mesh", so that you can control the number of sample points along the clip... and thus the number of query values.


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