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openzero December 18, 2013 12:31

Help Plz. Ensight Postprocessing
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I am a french third year mechanical eng. student. I have a school project about a drillbit conception larger than usual (2m diameter) with blades on the edge just like the one below (sorry but the screenshot of my Catia model seems to not work as an attachment, i'll fix it later) . I have designed the structure with Catia V5 and I can also generate a mesh in Catia.

In order to validate my design, I wanted to make some analysis like flow pressure on the tool as it will be used for an offshore drilling (1000 meters underwater max) and some visualizations. The problem is that I know that finite element method cannot be used effectively and efficiently for this kind of problem so I need to use a specific software to make the effort/interaction simulation like Open Foam or Ensight. I have never used any of them and don't how to have results like on the second capture below.

Please could you help me? In advance thanks,

ps: Really sorry if it is not the right forum I am very new.

EOConnell March 7, 2014 16:02

Have you seen our tutorials on our website. That might be a way to get started with EnSight.

openzero March 8, 2014 09:05

thanks for the reply. Finally I've decided to use Fluent and manage to come up with a simulation. Presently, I'm making some calculus to have a simulation that describe a turbulence state.
Thank you again for your help anyway.

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