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mdkhan August 18, 2014 16:52

How to plot Schlieren Simulation in ensight
Hello everyone,
I use Converge as a CFD solver and Ensight as a post processor. I want to replicate the Schlieren imaging in Ensight. Is there anybody who did the same thing before? How to do that?

kevincolburn August 21, 2014 12:22


I method that I have used to generate these types of images is basically:

a. Use the Calculator PreDefined function "Grad()" to compute the gradient of Density.
b. Create a clip through the model at the desired location. Color this clip with your "Grad" variable.
c. Open up the Color Palette Editor, and in the "Options" tab, change the following settings:
Continuous -- > Banded.
Number of Levels per band from 16 -- > 0.
Change the Scale from Linear -- > Logarithmic.
d. In the Color Palette Editor, in the "Simple" tab:
increase the number of levels up to something like 13 or so.
change the color of each of the bands to alternative black and white (click on the color swatch, and change).

Let us know if you have questions.

-Kevin Colburn

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