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Benni January 15, 2009 05:11

Ensight - Hide coupled cells in transparency mode
Dear Users,

I'm using Ensight Gold Version 8.2 to visualize my results from a StarCD Simulation. The mesh contains some so called couples. Everything works fine in Ensight, but when I use the Transparency mode (opaqueness ~ 30) you see these nasty coupled cells of the mesh. Link

Does anyone know how can I hide these cells in the transparency mode?

Thanks a lot for your answers

Best regards Benni

link to the image:

Balduin Bankerotti January 15, 2009 07:21

Re: Ensight - Hide coupled cells in transparency m
Create shells on the surfaces and use a set file for exporting to ensight.

The export looks something like:

rm case.set

evfi conn
trfi conn


cset news type 3
cset add type 7
cset add type 8
setwrite ,case.set, FLUID1

cset news type 5
setwrite ,case.set, Fluid2

cset news type 2
setwrite ,case.set, Fluid3

cset news type 10
setwrite , case.set , shell_part1

cset news type 16
setwrite , case.set , shell_part2

cset news flui
store first

ensi,all,cavg, case.set

The shells have to be after the fluid cells in the set file.

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