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buchal September 27, 2000 11:36

Help: visualise scatter data with ensight6
I got several tables (one data point per line, each column a different variable: x y U V ...) of experimental data.

The data do not form a regular grid and I have also no connectivity information (unstructured grid) available.

I want to create 2D contourplots of these data with ensight6.

a) Can this be done with ensight6 at all ?

b) What is the easiest way to feed these data into

ensight. (especially I do not want to write a script

to bring the data into ensight "case" format)

all hints welcome


Joern Beilke September 27, 2000 12:50

Re: Help: visualise scatter data with ensight6
I think that Tecplot is more suitable for this kind of data.

Sebastien Perron September 27, 2000 15:39

Re: Help: visualise scatter data with ensight6
May I suggest another way of foing you work. I had a similar problem: I wanted to visualize datas in 3D and had no software to do so. This might be the fastest way if your domain is convex:

1) use qhull ( ) to obtain the voronoi diagram (or the delaunay triangulation) from your the position of your experimental datas. Each position will be used as a generator by qhull.

2) Afterwards, you can build a simple driver that reads both the datas and the mesh. If you use the voronoi diagram, you can assign one colour by intervals and color every elements of the mesh. This driver can output the results in postscript format. Plus, you can draw a vector on a subset of elements in order to visualize the velocity.

3) Or use the delaunay triangulation and a commercial software.

I did it for datas in 3D and in took me less than two days. This might be faster than trying to get good results with a comercial software that does not fit with your needs.

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