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jackson July 28, 2009 23:54

need help ( generate binary file for Ensight )
my fortran code generte a binary file in Ensight Gold format,but reading error. i used the ens_checker.bat but it just a sudden flash and disappear,i saw nothing about the debug information. who can help me, thank you very much!
my fortran code is given below

subroutine ensgeobin
use typedef
use vars
use paras
implicit none
integer,pointer :: nl,fl
integer i,j,m,k
character(80) :: buf
integer,external :: nvface

buf='Fortran Binary'
write(99) buf
buf='Geometry File in Ensight Gold Format'
write(99) buf
write(99) buf
buf='node id given'
write(99) buf
buf='element id given'
write(99) buf

do m=1,nbsets
write(99) buf
write(99) m
write(99) buf
write(99) buf
write(99) nbv(m)
write(99) (i,i=1,nbv(m))
write(99) (cc(1,i,m),i=1,nbv(m))
write(99) (cc(2,i,m),i=1,nbv(m))
write(99) (cc(3,i,m),i=1,nbv(m))

write(99) buf
write(99) icnt_4(m)
write(99) (i,i=1,icnt_4(m))
write(99) ((to4(j,i,m),j=1,4),i=1,icnt_4(m))

write(99) buf
write(99) icnt_3(m)
write(99) (i,i=1,icnt_3(m))
write(99) ((to3(j,i,m),j=1,3),i=1,icnt_3(m))
end do


kevincolburn July 29, 2009 09:11


It looks like you are running on a windows platform. If you are, then try to run the ens_checker from a command prompt window, rather than just executing the .bat file.
Open up a command prompt, change directory to the location of the case file, and then type in ens_checker90 or ens_checker82 (depending upon which you have installed). The command prompt window will not close, and you should see the debug information.

(If you are on a linux system, you could type : ens_checker90 >& log.txt and you will get the whole output sent to the log.txt file which could then examine in detail).


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