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Tim January 22, 2004 14:15

Ensight data format

I have written a finite difference code to simulate electromeagnetic field distribution. The scheme I have used involves fairly complex staggering of the solved variables - I have a number of variables at the cell centre, 3 variables on verticies and 3 variables on faces.

We have got an ensight license so I am trying to write output filters for my results - the cell centred variables are no problem but I dont see how to do the vertex and face based variables.

Are there any Ensight users who could advise me what to do


sylvain January 23, 2004 08:31

Re: Ensight data format
You may look at your User Manuel, chapter 11. You can reach it with the help menu button on your Ensight interface. Variable can be declare as "per node" or "per_element".

Hope that Help,


MuratSuer December 19, 2012 14:30

I hope I do not forget wrong but as I remember while to generating your result based on node location you have to define all direction for variables.

For example six direction should be defined for node based for EnSight case format

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