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Sasidhar April 18, 2005 18:35

KIVA: Ensight:
Hello everybody, I am trying to use ensight for KIVA analysis. When I run the main code keeping otape9 as formatted file I get the following error message.

dtcon= 1.00000E+20 dtacc= 5.00000E+19 dtrst= 5.19615E+04 dt= 1.50000E-06 ncyc= 0 ca=-190.00 t= 0.0000E+00 dt= 1.5000E-06 gr= 0.000 tmax= 4.0000E+02

gasoline= 0.0000E+00 pm= 0.0000E+00 pcyl= 4.0000E+06 avt= 4.0000E+02 maxm

0 -190.0000 0.0000000E+00 1.5000001E-06 400.0000


iters: y= 0 v= 0 t= 0 p= 0 k= 0 e= 0 big= 0 nfluxs= 1 pgs= 1.0000E +00 forrtl: severe (256): unformatted I/O to unit open for formatted transfers, unit 9, file C:\Documents and Settings\sasidhar\My Documents\kivaensight\otape9.dat Press any key to continue

And when I change th otape9 to unformatted file, I am able to run the main processor but I get the following error message while running the post processor code

Reading input file

forrtl: The system cannot find the file specified. forrtl: severe (29): file not found, unit 9, file C:\Documents and Settings\sasi dhar\My Documents\kivaensight\otape9 Press any key to continue

Can anyone help me with this. I am using the fulout.f and k3tom5.f files as suggested by ensight. thanks in advance

P April 19, 2005 03:05

Re: KIVA: Ensight:
Hi, Do you know that you can write your data in gmv format and use gmv software for doing visualisation and also in tecplot 10.6 you can impost this data. It seems that you are indian student. I would like to know where are you working with which group. P

luis April 19, 2005 03:24

Re: KIVA: Ensight:
The KIVA->EnSight translator

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