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hui September 19, 2006 02:10

how to make movies by FIELDVIEW?
Hi, I am tring to make a movie of the 3-D flow field by FIELDVIEW.

I can make simple movies with the help documents.But I want to make more advanced movies. For example, there is an example of carman on the CD of FIELDVIEW, but I couldnt find the directions of making such movies in the reference manual!

Anyone knows that?

Thanks a lot:)

J. Peter Chekan September 28, 2006 16:42

Re: how to make movies by FIELDVIEW?
Dear Hui,

Chapter 17 of of our Reference Manual describes our robust Keyframe Animation capabilities. Perhaps more illustrative, our Users Guide takes you step by step through KeyFrame animation using several different examples.

Please contact <> if you have an further questions.

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