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John Dreese December 16, 2002 16:31

Simple animation Fieldview
Has anybody here been able to create an animation sequence in Fieldview? I assume it's easy, but I just can't figure out the interface. Thanks.

greg December 17, 2002 10:54

Re: Simple animation Fieldview
In FV 8, the way I do it is to create a series of sequentially numbered files representing the frames of the animation - these are just standard PLOT3D input files, but must be sequentially numbered, i.e. grid_01.dat, grid_02.dat, etc. The q-files must also be sequentially numbered. When you read in the first file you'll get a message asking if you want FV to treat the files as a transient data set - select "yes". After read-in, transform and orient your screen as you want it to look, with the appropriate functions, contours, etc. Then under Control Panels open up Flipbook controls and Transient data controls. Make sure the Build Mode button is turned on in Flipbook, and hit the Sweep button in the Transient Data control window. Sit back and enjoy the show as it builds the animation.

John Dreese December 17, 2002 11:43

Re: Simple animation Fieldview
That works fantastic Greg. Thanks a million!

alamsyah7 December 30, 2002 16:57

Re: Simple animation Fieldview
You can also produce tiff files and make the animation with the ImageMagick tool:
:>>convert -adjoin *.tiff result.miff and then show it with:
:>>animate result.miff

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