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ABHIRAM May 25, 2012 01:32

Flotherm, Purpose of compact component
In Flotherm, What is the purpose of compact component? It is highlighting only at the time of selecting the Root Assembly. Give me some examples of its use.

Thanks in advance for your reply...

Gabriel_C June 1, 2012 07:13


Compact Components are "Smart Parts" in Flotherm :)
They help the simulator to model IC's (all types of families and packages) using network assembly (two-resistor and Delphi compact thermal models).

In other words, knowing the thermal resistance between different points of the IC, you can create a network of such resistances to model your IntegratedCircuit.

There is a simple way for using compact components: two resistor model (2-R) which has 2 "thermal resistors" (one junction-top and one junction-PCB). And a difficult way (more accurate): Delphi compact thermal models - best case obtained from measurements. :)

Hope it helps, Gabi

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