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castaway June 13, 2012 05:12

Problem, solidworks flow simulation
Dear CFD Online Members,

Firstly I'm a new user flow simulation.
I can try to learn flow simulaiton in solidworks but I couldn't solve problem two weeks. :(
While I was studying flow simulation tutorial there wasn't any error. But my simulation has a error although I did it as tutorial.
Who one say where the error in my simulaiton.

Boris_M June 19, 2012 11:29

Hi Castaway,

I barely can read the error message but I think it's about the face is not lying between fluid and solid region. Is that right?

In that case you might have a gap in the geometry that makes it not air tight or an invalid contact. Please try to find it with the "check geometry" feature.


flowjoe September 1, 2012 10:06

As a new user, you might think that you have the model as watertight but it actually is not. When you define the extrusions for the Lids, remember the simple rule that you should have a positive area of contact. If you have two edges touching, this has a contact area of zero and so it will not be reliable to have a watertight volume.

I think SW Flow Sim / FloEFD is much easier in defining the fluid volume because you keep the solid model as it is, with the exception of defining some simple extrusions or bodies to make it watertight, then the software automatically determines the fluid volume for you. (Note: That this is only for internal flows, where for external flows you define the external boundary computational domain by dragging (or entering) the domain's extents.) You do not have to do some boolean operations to produce the volume yourself and then you lose the solid geometry, like in most traditional CFD packages. In Flow Sim / FLoEFD, if you want to produce the fluid volume body, then you can simply select an option "Create fluid body assembly" in the Check Geometry tool.

debuger September 11, 2012 12:44

check that is there any invalid contact in you model:D

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