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YoavF June 18, 2012 07:44

flo-efd v11.0.0 crashes
Hello everyone,

I'm using Flo-efd v11.0.0 and having many cases where the software crash. there is two types of crashes:
1. geometry (CAD) related crashes where the sw simply get stuck and shut itself down. usually after a complicated pattern command or when trying to change geometry after the flow project is defined.
2. Crashes during simulation - after the meshing, the sw try to start iterating but crash before the first iteration without any error massage.

I'm guessing that the crashes are related to the new version. did anyone experienced similar crashes? any help will be greatly appreciated.


Boris_M June 19, 2012 11:39

Hi Yoav,

It doesn't have to be the new Version. But you can first try to use the most recent version 11.3 if possible.
It can also be the geometry that causes problems.

I would say first try 11.3, then if that doesn't help or also instead of updating if that is not possible try to use the "check geometry" feature if it finds any issues. If that doesn't find anything still try to disable all geometries to a point where the fluid volume can be found. Meaning, for internal analysis leave the enclosure that makes it air tight in and disable all internal geometries. Try it from there, if it works enable step by step some geometries and you'll find that at some point you might enable one geometry that will make the solver crash.
If it is not an external simulation, make it one and test it first then do the same as described above.

If that all doesn't help I would recommend sending it to the support team.

For the pattern or changing of geomertry it might happen once or twice in many changes but shouldn't happen too often. If it does it would be also be best to send it to support and show them what they have to do to be able to repeat it.

What FloEFD product are you using? A certain CAD integration or the standalone version?


YoavF June 20, 2012 01:24

Hi Boris,

Thank you for your reply.
Im using a FloEFD integrated in solid-works. I suspect the CAD sw is also responsible for some of the crashes during geometry changes.

Boris_M June 21, 2012 12:37

Yes, that could be. If you try to change the geometry in the default configuration which usually has no FloEFD project defined and the crash happens then this is most likely the case as you did not update any FloEFD settings after changing, just CAD which would then have caused the crash I would assume.


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