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debuger September 6, 2012 12:42

How can I get the temperature in field?
Hi everyone,I want to get the point or surface temperature in my case,and use the temperature to adjust the inlet flow quantity (in transit case),how can I get it?by API or other way?anybody can help me?

Boris_M September 12, 2012 02:51

Do I understand you right, you want to do a transient simulation and adjust the flow rate depending on the temperature of a point or surface?
Is it necessary to do a transient simulation or do you want to find only the best flow rate to reach a certain temperature? The last option would be a parametric study.

It is currently not possible to do a goal driven flow rate manipulation. The only way to do that is by using a fan that is switched on or off if a certain goal value is reached but that wouldn't suit your needs.
If it doesn't have to be transient then you can use the parametric study and use the flow rate as variable and the goal as the criteria to reach. For example you let the flow rate vary between 1 liter/second to 20 liter/second and are looking for the flow rate that caused a surface temperature of 40C in case of a heated body or so. Then it will itereate to the flow rate that will result in this temperature.

The API can do a similar parametric study from outside the software but is not able to change any boundary condition during the calculation such as during a transient simulation.

I hope this helps,

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