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som73 September 19, 2012 11:02

Estimating Heat transfer Coefficient(h)
Hi All,

I have done Analytical Excel spreadsheet calculation for Estimating Heat transfer Coefficient(h) for array of Nozzle Jets (Nozzle Plate) with certain distance from Impingement surface(Oven Belt) for a forced convection air Impingement Oven.

I am interested to know whether Solidworks Flow Simulation software can be used to calculate/estimate Heat transfer Coefficient(h) for the above application.?

We have bought Solidworks Flow Simulation software two years ago & Never used for any projects. Now we want to use this software to calculate the Heat transfer Coefficient(h), estimating Nusselt Number, Reynolds's number, Air Velocity at exit of the nozzle etc. based on Nozzle Diameter and distance between nozzle plate and impingement surface.

I would like to validate & compare the results of my Excel spreadsheet calculations with the results of Solidworks Flow Simulation software.

Thanks in Advance

Boris_M September 21, 2012 12:32

Hi Som,

yes, this is possible. You should really use SWFS, it should help you a lot in designing and optimizing your nozzles towards equal flow distribution at the nozzle opening or pressure loss etc.
Try to use it a few times and you will see it is really easy to use and can help a lot even in simple questions such as to use a fillet here or not or which diameter for a hole etc.


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