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Karim November 14, 2012 04:37

Surface Parameters of a Headlamp lens
hey guys,

i have simulated the Temperatur in a Headlamp. After a lot of problems :mad: (Crashs,...) i got the results. Now I want to have the Surface Parameters on the lens. Using the Feature "Surface Parameters" i just got the Minimum, maximum and average Temp. But i need all the Parameters on the lens in a coordinate system (x,y,z) :confused:.

Thanks for your help

System Information:
FloEFD 11 V5
RAM 48 G
Wind 7

Karim November 14, 2012 06:21

i got it :D

Point Parameters => Pattern => Spacing
an then u have to select the parameter u need for example Temeprature (solide)

mpr2g10 May 3, 2013 11:59

headlamp simulation in FloEFD
Hi Karim,

I have some doubts in simulating CHT with radiation of a headlamp. I have 3 heat sources, each of 5 W. So, I define them as a surface source as I'm modelling only bulbs, and not the filament. I then define the radiation surfaces on lamp components based on the emissivity data given. In general settings, I don't include environmental radiation. I get some pretty decent results for solid temperature. But, my fluid temperature seems to highly unacceptable. Am I modelling it correctly? I would really appreciate you sending the report, which will have the conditions supplied to if possible. Awaiting your early reply.

Best Regards,

Boris_M May 6, 2013 03:24

Hi Mano,

In general it sounds good but there can be so many more mistakes been made in the overall project setup such as material definitions or other boundary conditions. It is really hard to tell without having a look at the model.
I would advise you to have a look on the tutorial model D1 of a 150W Halogen Lamp. Here you can see how such a model in general is setup. If the results are still not matching your measurements please contact the support so they can have a closer look on your model and the project.
I know from our customers that the values are similar to measurements, so there shouldn't be such unexpectedly high temperatures.


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