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Karim November 22, 2012 05:46

Focused Radiation of a Xenon lamp (FloEFD)
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Hey guys,

i want to simulate a solar radiation of xenon lamp in a head lamp without any heat sources. So to win the time i just took a small model with a housing, cover lens and a lamp (see the pictures). Iīve defined the radiation with an angle and a power of 100 W but without conduction and conductivity.

The computation has finished without any problems, in the post processing I canīt see any results (the scale is just blue).

When i try it again with a heat source, I could see the temperature distribution but without radiation.

where is the problem? can i compute a solar radiation with an angle without a heat source?

Thanks for your help


FloEFD 11 V5

Boris_M November 22, 2012 06:45

Hi Karim,

if you didn't activate the heat conduction in the general settings then you shouldn't be able to consider radiation as this needs heat conduction to have an effect on anything.
Try activating heat conduction and radiation and then it should work. If you just use a heat source then the part is emitting heat with that power but without radiation since it was not activated so it will be just convection.

If you don't want any other parts have a conduction except the receiving plate of part of the radiation you can use Insolator as default material and specify the receiving part as any type of material you want to consider.


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