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JosephKim January 4, 2013 04:15

Relationship of Surface Source and Radiation
I wondering a function of Surface source.

Does the 'Surface Source' include Radiation effect?
(Not the Environment, Solar radiation in General Setting)

I make a heater and set the surface source as watt energy.
And some wall is located a little way off heater.

As a result,
temperature of wall seems to be of no radiation effect.

Please answer me..

Boris_M January 4, 2013 07:20

Hi Joseph,

if you consider radiation then the surface source will effect the radiation emitted by the body as you can define a heat source on the surface and with that a higher or lower temperature which causes radiation in some way.
It should show an effect on the radiation as the body is heated due to the surface source but usually the better way in a heater is to define a voume source as usually not only the surface has the source but the whole body or the heater. But that can depend on the model and I don't know yours to tell you the best way to do it in your case.

However, it is not directly a radiation source. But if you are using V11 or V12 already then you should be able to see also a "radiation source" feature where you can define a surface that emits a certain amout of radiation such as a solar opening etc.

In case you have the HVAC or LED Module you can define a radiation source with a certain spectrum and also use wavelength dependent absorbtion etc.

I hope this helps,

JosephKim December 10, 2013 00:44

Thank you, Boris.
My message is too late, sorry.
You're right, I understand.
And I solve the problem the way that you said to me. :)

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