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unai February 27, 2013 08:53

How to define 2D simulations
I am an engineering student and I am having problems with 2D simulations in FloEFD. I want to make some simulations in 2D instead of doing them in 3D, in order to reduce calculation time but I am not sure if I am defining it correctly.

I define in the computational domain that the simulation is 2D and I select the XY plane. But then, when defining computational domain size and conditions there is possibility of changing the dimensions in the Z direction and here I have the problem, because depending on this dimension I enter the results are one or other.

It would be great if someone could tell me if I am defining correctly the 2D simulation or on the contrary what I need to do to make a 2D simulation.

Thanks in advance,
Kind regards

Boris_M March 20, 2013 05:25

Hi unai,

there is a tutorial that comes with the software. The tutorial is called B2 "Cylinder Drag Coefficient" where there is also a 2D simulation.

I cannot tell if your problem/geometry can be used in 2D. Can you describe it a little more. The results should not vary much.
In general it is a quasi 2D approach. You basically have a one 3D cell thickness for the largest cell and for the smaller cells you will get more into the 3rd dimension as the refinement is an octree refinement. Which means that each refinement of a cell will create 2 more cells in each direction (x, y and z) so 8 cells more for each refined cell. So if you start from the largest cell and you have two refinements then the 2nd refinement has 4 cells into the 3rd dimension. So 2 cells for the first refinement and these are then again doubled by the 3rd refinement.

I hope this helps.

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