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skan April 10, 2013 08:00

FloEFD vs included NX flow solver

I was reading about new CAD plugins and products and found FloEFD for NX. And I have a doubt.
Why do we need products like FloEFD?
What does FloEFD do better (or worse) that the already included NX Advanced Flow Simulator (or Femap, Nastran...)?
Is it faster?, Does it solve more complex problems (mixed fluid-thermal, turbulent, transonic, compressible)?
How do you compare FloeFD capabilities to ANSYS CFD?

Boris_M April 24, 2013 08:46

Hi skan,

there are some differences in technology such as meshing, solver but also capabilities. It cannot be put into a few points to differentiate as this was tried already once by another CFD software vendor and they compared SW Flowsimulation with FloEFD and stated different capabilities for the two codes although they are exactly the same by the main technologies as it is the same code. There is just a few differences when it comes to extra modules that do exist as a option for FloEFD but not Flow Simulation.

So sorry that you won't get any "can" or "cannot" info on this here. If you use one of these codes and would like to see the difference and find out if the other code can do the job better, faster or more accurate then I suggest you ask for an evaluation from the corresponding vendor and see for yourselfe. It is also often very application dependent.

I know this is probably not what you were looking for but I won't put out my neck and jugde about other codes I know only half of what the other vendor knows about his own code.


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