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cpdmmani1 July 26, 2013 01:44

How to find homogeneity of the mixture at outlet
Hi all,

I am using FloEFD/Floworks
I want to find the homogeneity of the mixture at the out let of the mixing equipment. I am using all the ingredients are in same phase.

Boris_M July 29, 2013 10:15

Hi Manikandan,

if you apply the boundary conditions on all inlets with the corrensponding fluid mixtures such as inlet 1 50% argon and 50% oxigen and inlet 2 70% Nitrogen and 30% Helium. Then you can evaluate the mass or volume fraction of the fluid components at every location in the model.
In your case, if you want to see it at the outlet, you can apply a surface plot for a visulalization or a surface parameter for a numerical output with these parameters.
Tha values of the mass or volume fraction range from 0 for 0% to 1 for 100%.

Usually the visulization is mostly used to see how the distribution over the outlet is to find the best mixing capability of your model designs. The numerical values are mostly used if you have more than one outlet and you want to know if the mass fraction in all outlets is equally distributed and not that one outlet has for example far more oxigen in its mixture than the other outlets.

I hope this helps.

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