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syarif August 5, 2013 08:35

Solver abnormally terminated.Please contact the support service
Dear all,

I was wondering if someone could advise me regarding an issue with solidworks flow simulation. I am running a transient simulation which take days to finish for each simulation. Previously I can stop the simulation at any time during the simulation and save the current data. Then the simulation can be continue later.
However, I found that recently for different model, whenever i stop the simulation and try to continue it later, this message will appear
' Solver abnormally terminated. Please contact the support service'. I have check that I have no issue with RAM and hard disk space. Also the model is correct.
Therefore, I am really appreciate if someone can advise me regarding this issue.

Thank you.


Boris_M September 4, 2013 07:12

Hi Syarif,
It is hard to tell why this is happening if it is depending on the model but works for all the others. It would be best to contact your support and send them the model if this problem is only related to that model and explain when it happens.

In general it is not recommended to stop and continue calculations, especially not too often and with transient simulations.

I don't know your model setup but if the simulation takes that long you might have not set the manual time step or you might also be able to apply flow freezing in some cases but that depends on the type of simulation.
Sometimes the manual time step does not help a lot if the model is very complex or large and you consider a long physical time. As I said I don't know your model and project settings.


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