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nikesh December 5, 2013 20:21

Error::"Selected surfaces cannot be processed. Please check your selection."
Hi all,
Ok here's the thing, I'm running few simulations using the "Clone Project" option. I have managed to run them successfully and extracted the results. In all of the projects I have used Cut Plots option and Surface Parameters option for post processing. Now when I go back to my previous projects and load the results, I get this error message, "Failed to complete" & "Selected surfaces cannot be processed. Please check your selection." when I try to recover the "Surface Parameters" I had extracted earlier. I get the same error message when I Edit definition or insert a new surface parameter.
Cut Plots option seem to work alright. I can recover what I had done earlier. Can't seem to understand why this is happening with the Surface Parameter option. Anyone with any idea?
Any help highly appreciated!


Boris_M December 10, 2013 09:47

Could it be that the geometry changed between the different projects?
The reason might be that the results are available in the fluid area for a cut plot but if you select a CAD geometry surface that in any way has changed and the surface name etc. does not match the corresponing mesh/results at that position then it doesn't know the surface as part of the original simulation.
This is the reason why you should use design tables or configurations in SW or any other CAD system the software is embedded. The projects can be linked to these goemtries and if another project has a different goemetry and you switch back the geometry is also switched back.

Simple example, if you have your valve in one configuration at 10 and the clone the project and simply change the angle to 20 and then switch back to the first project, the geometry will not change back to 10 and therefore the reference is different and lost compared to the original project. But if you use configurations, they can be set for the various projects and if you then switch back to another project, the angle or what ever parameter will also switch to that original value.


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