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Rakesh Awhad December 6, 2013 03:13

Torque requierd to open Ball Valve
Hello,I'm trying to calculate torque for opening typical Ball Valve. I have tried to do that using SolidWorks Motion Simulation. But, nature of graph is not valid, (i.e. Torque at start is lower and end i larger) So, can anyone help me to achieve accurate results / graph? Can this be achieved using Flow Analysis???

High pressure of 4075 psig / 280 bar can be analysed or NOT ?????

Inputs Given:
Input pressure: 4075 psig
Output pressure: Atm pressure
Fluid used: Water

Valve is 6" Ball Valve

Boris_M December 10, 2013 09:53

You can analyze various angles in stady state, so the torque for 10 or 20 etc. but not a transient opening and Motion Simulation is not changing anything with flow simulation. It is just a motion study no fluid simulation study.
So setup various angles with the parametric study from one predefined project in which you applied a surface goal on your components you want to know the torque for and then run the parametric study and you will get the torque for each of the defined angles.

Yes, you can use 280 bar, you can use a wide range of pressures and even consider water in the area of compressible fluids.
You can also consider cavitation if that is of interest in your application as it might occure in some high pressure losses of a valve.


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