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nikesh January 5, 2014 21:54

Near wall treatment in Solidworks....turbulence model
Hi all,
Which modified k-epsilon model exactly does it use? I'm concerned about the near wall treatment functions for wall bounded flows.
For simulating wall bounded flows in Solidworks, should I be concerned about maintaining y+~1?
In my knowledge (if I'm right), both these questions can be related to the grid that Solidworks generates. Could anyone briefly explain these to me?

Boris_M January 13, 2014 04:30

Hi Nikesh,

The way FloEFD handles the bounary layer is in 2 ways depening on your mesh resolution.

Thick boundary layer:
If you have enough cells to resolve the boundary layer it will be calculated by the 3D NS equations as the core flow is too.

Thin boundary layer:
If the boundary layer is too thin and not resolved with the mesh, FloEFD/SWFS applies the modified wall functions which is based on Van Driest to calculate it and take into account thermal and frictional influences.

You can find that information in the technical references when searching for "boundary layer".

I hope this helps,

nikesh January 13, 2014 22:44

Thank you Boris, I got the idea.

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