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joaopffg June 16, 2015 06:46

Tank release to the atmosphere
Is it possible to simulate a pressurized tank release to the atmosphere with SWflow? If so, whats the best whay to do it? Just set the initial pressure to some value and then set an outlet to static atm pressure?


Boris_M July 13, 2015 09:21

The best way of doing it is using the calculator in FloEFD. Three is not much information you would get from a 3D CFD point of view except the outflow stream flow field.
If you are interested in how long it takes or other paramters, that calculator is the best option.

Just go to Tools, Calculator and here you can add a new formula and select Tank evacuation in the numerical calculations section of the equations.
Then type in the dimensions and fluid properties and then go to Edit menu and select run numerical calculation.
Please not that the output time moment frequency is the number of iterations or time steps you want to have. So for 100 the whole process is split into 100 time steps until the tank reached environment pressure.

As output values you will get the time, pressure of the tank, the temperature of tha gas the mass flow rate and the gas mass inside the tank.


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